Providing a website featuring information regarding personal relationships.

For years I had a vision; through faith, trusting in God and prayer my vision has been developed.  I created, with my husband, a website for the elderly, shut-in, and confined that can’t leave their homes!

Elderly people are not keeping up to date with technology, so we have to be there for them.

When a vision and a plan come  together it will manifest into reality.

This website will be able to go worldwide into nursing homes, hospice care, churches, funeral homes, etc. in your city or town to those who are confined, even to those who cannot leave their beds.

Disabled adults and younger people can show their last respects and condolences in a way not currently possible.

” Recently I lost a loved one who was in another state.  My mom lives in New York and because of disablement and finances she wasn’t able to attend; and transportation wasn’t an option for her.”

Cases like the one quoted above happen frequently and cause much heartache, but the heartache can end.  This is my vision.

My vision came to past to start this website and with proper promotions and contributions, we can make dreams come true and heartache end!

We will make a lot of people happy and grateful in their limited days on this earth.  It will truly be a blessing and God is already in the midst of things.

Please have a heart to make someones dreams come true.

In loving memory to all the loved ones that went on to be with the Lord.


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